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Free Worried Mom Webinar

Let's replace fear with action. Join us for quick, free webinar that will share: The 2-3 major historical events that caused moms to slip into worry overdrive The free quiz you can use to understand yourself and your worries better The free app we love for putting our worries into...


Video: Symptoms of Anxiety & Panic Attacks, Plus How We Downplay Both

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7 Medication-Free Ways to Manage Anxiety

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, there are 14 million anxiety cases in the United States, making anxiety the most common mental illness in the US. These numbers are consistent internationally, as well. With millions of sufferers every year seeking help, it’s no...


What Will You Get With a QMC Membership?

If you're like me, you want to know what you'll get out of a product before you purchase it. Hey, I get that. Here's a list of the content you'll get in 2016 with your Quiet Mind Collective Membership:


3 Tips for To-Do List Anxiety

When I provide counseling for anxiety, one of the first "symptoms" I always see is a massive To Do list. It's not uncommon at all for working moms to tell me that they have a To Do more than a page long, and I've even seen To Do lists as long as 30 pages! Here I have 3 tips for To Do List...


3 Anxiety-Busters for Insomnia

Anxiety is known for its ability to wreak havoc on your sleeping patterns. Ironically, having a good sleep routine is also part of the cure for anxiety. The vicious cycle of sleeplessness and anxiety is one that I found myself stuck in years ago. Now I know why sleep deprivation is a form of...